The Hub is a members community that connects job seekers with career experts, curated resources, and exclusive tools. We want to empower you with the knowledge and skills required to land your dream job, and to foster your personal and professional growth.




Revamp your résumé

Upload your resume to our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) readability tool to see exactly what an ATS sees and how to optimize for it. Create your own keyword database to ensure you make it through resume screening for the jobs you are applying for. Or explore our resource library to get tips on how to optimize your resume impact and land more interviews. You can also download one of our ATS-friendly resume templates, or try our AI writing tool to help you generate ideas or write better content.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Having a professional and well-crafted LinkedIn profile is essential for getting noticed by hiring managers. An optimized profile is also 40x more likely to be seen in recruiter searches - meaning more job opportunities come direct to you. Explore our tips, articles, and videos on optimizing your profile, and use our LinkedIn keyword tool to ensure your profile appears in search results for your work experience and industry.


Join us for one of our regular live coaching events. Featuring Q&A sessions with recruitment experts and career coaches, alongside masterclasses, guest speakers, and more. Our live events have been created to give everyone the opportunity to connect directly with industry-leading experts across a broad range of topics, bringing you regular support as you navigate the job seeking process.

Join our live coaching events


Applying to lots of jobs can quickly become tricky to keep track of. Use our job tracking tool to stay organized in your job search. Save key details from each job you apply for, write notes to stay prioritized, and easily manage what stage of the process you are at. Create your own keyword database for the types of jobs you are applying for - helping you optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile. Or get focused advice on finding jobs, how to apply, interview preparation, and more in the resource library.

Track your job applications


One of the most important aspects of The Hub is the access to live support and our community chat. We know how isolating the job search can feel, so we want to be able to provide a space for you to seek advice and support from other Hub members, as well as from our recruitment experts. We'll be here to offer discussion points to our community, to respond to any questions you have, or to troubleshoot any issues. 

Live support and community


With 80% of jobs never published publicly on job sites - it is more essential than ever to explore multiple ways of sourcing job opportunities. That's why we are building a recruitment agency directory to help you quickly find and connect to a recruiter relevant to your industry. For more one-to-one support, you can also check out our curated list of career and personal development coaches. Hub members get a discounted rate for all coaching services.

Access to coaches
& recruiters



Exclusive to The Hub members, we will soon allow the ability for you to submit your optimized resumes to our job matching service. We'll screen your resume against our database of current jobs and send you a notification when you have been matched - saving you time by ensuring you only apply to jobs that are most suited to your skills and experience.  Matched jobs will automatically appear on your dashboard.

Job matching service



Are applying to lots of jobs but getting nowhere

Want to know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for recruiters and hiring managers to find you

Want actionable tips on how to enhance your resume impact and land more interviews

Want a better system for tracking your job applications, customizing your applications, and following up

Want to get advice directly from recruitment experts and join a supportive community

Want to learn how to tailor your resume to get through applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate screening

The Hub is for you if you:

Want tips on how to network, source contacts, and gain introductions to companies you want to work for

Want to improve your interview success and how to negotiate a job offer 



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We are a boutique recruitment consultancy built by a passionate set of family and friends with 40+ years of experience in the recruitment industry. We were founded on the belief that the recruitment industry can be a better place to work and with a mission to make that happen. We believe we can support our people (candidates, clients, and employees) with supportive business practices, healthier work-life, and through building honest, fruitful relationships.

With more people looking for work than ever before but with the employment market increasingly competitive, we see the challenges individuals are facing when it comes to getting hired. There's an ever-increasing gap between the job-seeking skills required to target organisations and the knowledge and abilities candidates have with regards to the recruitment process. It means that, unfortunately, great candidates are frequently getting left on the bench because of simple errors, like incorrect resume formatting, not knowing how to sell themselves in the way organisations look for, or not knowing how to network. We continually receive requests for support with resume building to secure roles or coaching through the recruitment process, but we just don’t have the manpower to support everyone in that way.

We had to find a way to make it easier for people to get the information they need to craft resumes, make resumes attractive to potential employers, and give them the information they need to support them through the job-hunting process and beyond. We wanted to make this accessible to everyone – not just to those who could afford personalised coaching or resume writing services. In addition, we see the need to support the whole person, so it’s not just about teaching skills, but we want to build community and support the needs of the individual, looking at areas such as confidence, stress, and mindset. 

We are Evans Denham Group.


The Hub is about empowering people in their job search by giving them the skills, tools, and knowledge to succeed.