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Click here to watch a short introduction about The Hub from founder Tom Wood. Explore new content every week, across a range of topics including interview preparation, writing CVs/resumes, LinkedIn profiles, sending applications, negotiating, career development, personal development and more….

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We’ve recently been exploring Fishbowl app. It looks like a great platform for building a professional network, building referrals, and getting recognized – go check it out here.

How To Sell Yourself, Personal Development

In this video we talk about interview techniques, particularly when preparing for virtual interviews which can be a different dynamic to in-person and come with other considerations.

Interview Preparation

We talk about targeted job applications vs the often ‘spray and prey’ mentality of candidates seen by many recruiters. Focusing specifically on a select industry/sectors, specific companies, optimizing your resume and skills, and connecting with relevant people – can often give more successful outcomes vs quantity of applications.

How To Send Applications

In this video we talk networking. Why it is hard to get noticed when applying online and how researching contacts, connecting with relevant people, and building relationships can help you succeed.

How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn, How To Sell Yourself

Investing in yourself and investing time in searching, applying, and networking for jobs is key for successful job hunting and getting noticed, getting engagement, and ensuring you get responses.

How To Sell Yourself, How To Send Applications, Personal Development

We talk about how to overcome the difficulties in landing new roles or returning to work in those age 50+.

Career Development, How To Sell Yourself, How To Send Applications, Personal Development

In this episode we talk about time allocation for job searching and applications, and the importance of strategy, record keeping, and dedicating the right amount of time to your job search.

How To Send Applications

Following up to applications – always keep track of the jobs you applying to and try to connect with relevant people to get your application seen.

How To Sell Yourself, How To Send Applications

Tips for first time job seekers and how to maximise the skills and experience you have.

CV, Cover Letter & Email Writing, How To Sell Yourself

Some thoughts on the relevance and misconceptions of hobbies and interests on people’s resumes/CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

CV, Cover Letter & Email Writing, How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn, How To Sell Yourself

Let’s talk about creating the perfect CV/resume! Previously we’ve touched on how to write your bio section. In this episode we dive into some more sections of your CV/resume.

CV, Cover Letter & Email Writing

Tips on how to stand out and get noticed on LinkedIn. If you want to be seen, get responses, get engagement, you’ve got to sell yourself.

How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn, How To Sell Yourself

In this episode we explore the power of LinkedIn vs a Resume/CV in helping you get your foot in the door when applying for jobs

CV, Cover Letter & Email Writing, How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

In this episode we discuss the technique of interviewing the interviewer. This is a great way of showing you’ve done your research on the company and people, help further highlight your knowledge and expertise, and much more.

Interview Preparation

In this episode we review someone’s LinkedIn profile, giving tips and advice on how to improve it and how to stand out to potential employers.

How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

Career breaks – don’t fear them, use them as a positive to enhance you as an employable person and to grow personally.

Personal Development

Never leave an interview without commitment. Find out more about what this is and how it can help you.

Interview Preparation

If routinely applying for jobs on LinkedIn isn’t working for you – then time to mix it up and do something different to get noticed.

How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn, How To Sell Yourself, How To Send Applications

We all develop transferable skills in different jobs and different circumstances and these skills can be transferred to different roles and companies. We just need to know how to articulate the message.

Career Development, Personal Development

Recruitment companies, should we trust them? Do we like them? Can they help us get a job?

How To Send Applications

Discussing the mental obstacles – the fears and worries – of applying or starting a new job. We all have them, it’s completely normal – so let’s try to turn them into positives.

Personal Development

Starting the job hunting process can be a daunting one, so make sure you are prepared and have your “House” in order, before commencing the search.

Personal Development

Which is more important – a degree or experience? This is a topic of big contention, especially as you often see a degree requirement still listed on many job adverts. Find out what Tom has to think here.

Personal Development

The beginning of the journey for most people getting a new job is the probationary period. Find out how to thrive, not just survive – and to secure a valued position as part of a team/company.

Career Development

Your bio is one of the first things potential employees read when they look at your CV/Resume. Get some valuable tips on how to make those few lines count and help you stand out from the crowd.

CV, Cover Letter & Email Writing

First stage interview preparation. The importance of it, what to do and where to find the right information. Find out more.

Interview Preparation

How to avoid the crowds when applying for jobs! The inside secrets and tips on how to get to the top of the list of potential candidates.

How To Send Applications

You have to grab someone’s attention and you only have 30 seconds to do it….what do you say, how do you say it……welcome to the elevator pitch!

How To Sell Yourself

One of the most important tips you will ever hear, that will help you get dates, get jobs, get any kind of sale! Hear more about the tactic of pre-closing…..

Negotiation / Close

Small victories and big wins! Set your objectives small, so the wins are achievable, and you can then celebrate the victories and the successes. Find out more.

Personal Development

Cover Letters when applying for jobs are an old-fashioned strategy and structure that should go the way of Dodo……find out why

CV, Cover Letter & Email Writing

How to get noticed on LinkedIn, outside of your immediate network. And the importance of building and engaging with a wider network of people.

How To Get Noticed On LinkedIn

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