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The recruitment market is booming, with recruitment fee’s and total revenue from the industry set to tip $400Bn. in 2019, whilst this is great for recruitment professionals, it does present challenges for hiring managers as it means there are more jobs on the market and candidates will typically have more than one job opportunity on the go at any one time!

The biggest booming market over the last few years has been Technology and specifically SaaS, with most Technology companies transitioning to the Cloud and offering a SaaS platform, or new companies breaking on to the scene and offering new and innovative solutions that are disrupting the industry.

In order for companies and hiring managers to ensure they can secure the best talent in the industry, in a very competitive market, there are some simple steps that I have identified as ways beat the competition and provide a great candidate experience at the same time.

1: Work with a specialist external Talent professional, or utilise a capable and experienced internal Talent professional. Too many companies try and hire through adverts, or through people that are not recruiters. This is a time intensive exercise, as you will attract all the wrong people, whilst not attracting or selling to the right and best people in the market.

2: Ensure you have your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) clear and you are able to articulate this effectively. Why would people want to work for you, what is in it for them.

3: Offer flexibility! The modern worker doesn’t want to sit in an office every day from 09:00 – 17:00, they have life demands and want an element of flexibility. If it isn’t your companies policy, that is fine, however your competitors will offer it and it is becoming more important than money.

4: Ensure you have a swift and straight forward hiring process. Candidates don’t want to jump through numerous hoops to get a job. A typical hiring process should be between 2-4 stages. Any more than that is unnecessary and will put the candidates off, or you risk losing them as others will move quicker.

5: Sell to the candidate! Too many companies want candidates to feel as though they are lucky to get the job! I get that to a degree, but people want to feel wanted and loved and a company or a person doing all they can to secure you goes a long way and could be the difference between one company and another.

6: Don’t try and cut corners on salary! The value of hiring someone exceptional who will remain at a company for many years and contribute greatly to the growth and success of a company is priceless compared to saving a few extra quid by under offering, or hiring someone cheaply who ultimately leaves or doesn’t work out!

7: Beware of counter offers! Once you have managed to offer someone, stay close to them and get them started ASAP. If they have to work their notice, speak with them regularly and get them involved with team members, either by phone, or ideally face to face for drinks in the evening. If you leave them alone until they start, you risk losing them!

8: Feedback quickly following interviews and don’t play games. Again, some hiring managers like to try and play mind games and create a bit of “want” or “desire” from the candidate, so they will not feedback straight away. This is rubbish! All this does is puts the candidate off, gives another company the opportunity to step in, and ultimately doesn’t make them feel wanted! Show the love people.

That is probably it for now, I could go on, but the above are the most important and effective at ensuring you make the hiring process a swift one where you hire the best people quickly.

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If you are interested in joining the team at Evans Denham then we'd love to hear from you! Please fill in your details below and attach your CV to be added to our application database.